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Trinity River Crew | Making Waves in Environmental Impact

In its third year, Trinity Park Conservancy and Greenspace Dallas have left a significant environmental footprint in the Trinity River corridor through the Trinity River Crew.

The Trinity River Crew is a student conservation learning experience for high school students which educates and inspires the next generation of environmental leaders and teaches them how to support conservation efforts along the Trinity River Corridor’s 10,000 acres.

Throughout the summer, the Trinity River Crew engaged in different activities that contributed to the corridor’s environmental well-being. From water quality monitoring, to macro-invertebrate surveys, from beautification projects, to plant identification, and even bird counts, these passionate individuals seized hands-on science opportunities that went beyond textbook learning. Their efforts made tangible differences in our local ecosystem.

The crew explored the Trinity River’s four forks in the Dallas area and completed environmental initiatives that helped our local ecosystem. Initiatives like invasive species encroachment at John Bunker Sands Wetland Center, propagation and seed sorting with Texas Conservation Alliance; plus documentation of over 2,000 different species of plants and wildlife in Dallas and surrounding areas through iNaturalist. The group of students played a very important role in our local wildlife research efforts.

As summer drew to a close, Trinity Park Conservancy and Greenspace Dallas looked back on a successful and impactful season. The Trinity River Crew not only learned valuable lessons in conservation but also left an enduring mark on the Trinity River corridor. The legacy of their dedication will continue through the region, inspiring others to carry the torch of environmental stewardship for years to come.

To learn more about Trinity River Crew or future volunteer opportunities be sure to follow Trinity Park Conservancy and Greenspace Dallas social media channels for ongoing updates.

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