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The Trinity River is your river, and the Trinity Park Conservancy is your advocate – helping build new connections between the people of Dallas and the Trinity, our most valuable, untapped natural resource.​

As a nonprofit, we have a unique role to play. By engaging the community in the process, we create an inclusive vision of spaces along the river that benefit the surrounding neighborhoods while protecting the environment and providing a welcoming gathering space for all Dallas citizens.

Guided by the Balanced Vision Plan, a coordinated plan created for the Trinity River Corridor, the Conservancy will take an active role in bringing the vision of the Trinity River to life, as we work hand-in-hand with citizens and communities. As one of the first major projects in the area, we will guide the process to bring the Harold Simmons Park to life. The Park will connect neighborhoods through a series of elevated overlooks and gateways to the river and its natural habitats for plants and wildlife. In addition, it will provide new access via additional trails and river crossings to unite the two sides of the river.

Building on our history with projects like the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the Margaret McDermott Bridge, and the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge, the Conservancy looks forward to working with citizens of Dallas to re-imagine our Trinity River as a great natural environment and place to visit.

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