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Introducing The Wesley Rankin Conservation Crew

Introducing The Wesley Rankin Conservation Crew

This year, 25 students from Wesley-Rankin Community Center will become scientific explorers in their own neighborhood, learning all about the ecology of Fish Trap Lake Park! Their research will help inform important improvements to the Park’s amenities and programming.

What is the Wesley-Rankin Conservation Crew?  It’s an afterschool nature discovery club that blends science learning with lots of field trips, hands-on environmental assessments, real data collection in partnership with academic institutions, and exposure to community advocacy topics.  Each week, the 25 kids will learn about the water, soil, air, plants, animals, and insects of their neighborhood park and apply their learning to real-world ecosystems in their own backyard!

In collaboration with West Dallas neighbors, Wesley-Rankin Community Center bridges gaps in education, health, and skills development by providing multigenerational programs that empower families to access their full potential.  You can help the fifth- and sixth-graders of Wesley-Rankin to grow in all of these areas by equipping them with hands-on, outdoor science learning.  Using the data they collect and skills they develop, they’ll make recommendations on how to improve the air, soil, and water quality in their own communities. Follow us on social media and stay up to date to learn more about the Wesley-Rankin Conservation Crew.

Help bring inspire the next generation of environmental leaders by scheduling your North Texas Giving Day donation!

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