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Volunteers support the Conservancy’s mission of transforming the Trinity River to become the heart of Dallas through hands-on service projects and by supporting special events that connect people to the river and to each other.

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The Trinity River is our River

All of us can contribute to the care and maintenance of the Trinity River – and learn a lot in the process – as we discover more about the habitat and each other. From wetlands, forests, and prairies to recreational areas, trails, and overlooks, volunteers help to keep the river clean and green by removing debris and invasive plants, planting new vegetation, and caring for native plants.

Volunteers with the Conservancy can participate in a variety of ways. Join us for monthly, free volunteer days, or help us to connect communities by raising awareness and educating the public about the Trinity River. Special event volunteers might welcome participants and provide details of the event, share information about Trinity Park Conservancy and the River, or administer surveys.

Let us know your volunteer interests and availability using the “Volunteer Interest Form” button below. By completing that form, you will receive monthly volunteer updates as well as notifications about up-coming volunteer opportunities that are catered to you!

Making an Impact

The Trinity River provides habitat to hundreds of species and is a rich ecosystem vital to our region’s health. It is more important than ever that we work together to take care of our river. In 2020, 312 volunteers collected and removed over 2,100 lbs of trash from neighborhoods, local parks and trails across Dallas-Fort Worth and areas along the Trinity River by conducting their own Virtual Trash Bash cleanups. By increasing awareness, building and sharing knowledge about how individuals can make a positive impact on the environment, and setting an example in their communities through their actions, volunteers continue to care for the Trinity River during the pandemic.

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