The Trinity River offers a unique setting for a transformative new river park in Dallas.

Without impeding the Trinity River’s primary function of flood control, the 250-acre Harold Simmons Park will introduce a range of new recreational opportunities as well as dramatically improve the performance of the River’s depleted natural ecosystems. The Conservancy has assembled a multidisciplinary team of national, regional, and local experts to create a design for a new urban park that establishes the Trinity River as the heart of Dallas.

Design & Planning

Leveraging the learning from workshops, surveys, and conversations, the design team brings the community’s input to life. The team includes vast expertise in best practices of urban park design, landscape, and hydrology.

The Trinity River Corridor LGC, the City of Dallas, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers are also a part of the design process providing valuable input and approvals.

Harold Simmons Park Design Team

Led by Marcus Shropshire, Director of Park Design at the Trinity Park Conservancy, the team includes: Michael Van Valkenburgh & Associates, LimnoTech, JQ Engineering, Salcedo Group, Gardiner + Theobald, GREATecology, Bio-West, Lake Flato.

Advisory Committees

To ensure design aligns with the priorities of Dallas communities, the Conservancy launched a series of planning studies. To advise on these efforts, the Conservancy has established two volunteer committees. These committees include local experts in design, community advocacy, Dallas neighborhoods, the arts, urban planning, development, and landscape architecture to ensure a diverse representation from across our city.

Committee Members for Harold Simmons Park

Development: Rebecca Fletcher, Carolyn Rathjen, Don Glendenning, Emily Summers, Laura Bush, Jeanne Phillips, Matrice Ellis-Kirk, Ginger Hardage, Nicole Acosta-de la Torre, Max Lamont, Board Chair, and Vice Board Chair.
Finance: Deedie Rose, Marguerite Hoffman, Nancy Marcus, Rebecca Fletcher, Kelvin Walker, Walter Elcock, Marc Nivet, Cris Jordan, Max Lamont.
CEIN: Roy Lopez, Deedie Rose, Marguerite Hoffman, Cris Jordan, Nicole Acosta-de la Torre, Byron Sanders, Tynesia Boyea-Robinson, Walter Elcock, Joe May, Dr. Stephanie Knight.
Programming: Cris Jordan, Roy Lopez, Robert Witte, Deedie Rose, Marguerite Hoffman, Clyde Valentin, AJ Barkley, Keri Kaiser, Gloria Lopez, Vana Parham.
Conservation: Garrett Boone, Deedie Rose, Marguerite Hoffman, Joe May, Ben Sandifer, Shelly White, Janette Monear, Sam Kieschnick, Alisha Bailey, Mary Poss, Jessica Crowley.
Communications and Marketing: Jeanne Phillips, Deedie Rose, Marguerite Hoffman, Rebecca Fletcher, Nicole Acosta-de la Torre, Nancy Marcus, AJ Barkley, Kelvin Walker, Sulman Ahmed, Peter Brodsky, Sarah Jackson.
Design Advisory: Lucilo Peña, Deedie Rose, Marguerite Hoffman, Cris Jordan, Emily Summers, Darren James, Gary Kutac, Eddie Abeyta, Maria Gomez, Brad Moss, David Hocker, Patrick Kennedy.