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Exploring Nature’s Wonders with The Wesley-Rankin Conservation Crew

Over the past eight weeks, the fifth and sixth-grade students at Wesley Rankin have dived into a world of nature exploration, hands-on learning, and environmental stewardship. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights that have made this program a vibrant and engaging experience.

From the immersive exploration of Fish Trap Lake Park to the captivating study of macroinvertebrates under microscopes, the conservation crew provided a holistic experience. Hands-on activities, field trips, and engaging experiments enriched the learning process. The students not only delved into the importance of water quality but also debunked misconceptions.

As the Wesley Rankin Conservation Club continues to unfold, each week brings new discoveries, hands-on experiences, and a growing passion for environmental conservation. Stay tuned as we follow the journey of these young environmental enthusiasts and witness the flourishing of knowledge and curiosity in the Wesley Rankin Conservation Crew.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Wesley Rankin Conservation Crew’s ongoing adventures as they continue to explore, learn, and contribute to the wonderful world of environmental conservation.

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