Complete the form for each photo you submit to the 2020 Trinity River Photo Contest.

Please review the rules and details for the 2020 Trinity River Photo Contest before submitting your photo to the contest to ensure your submission meets all the eligibility requirements.

Upload Instructions
1. After you’ve reviewed the Contest rules and ensured your entry meets the eligibility requirements, fill in the form on the right side of the screen. Important: be sure to scroll down and complete the entire form.

2. Upload your image file by either clicking and dragging the image into the “Drag files here” box, or click “Browse files” to select the file to upload from your computer.

3. The “Upload” button at the end of the form is what submits the form information and photograph to the Trinity River Photo Contest.

4. To submit more than one photograph with different form information, refreshing the page in your browser will clear the form.

5. Check your email for confirmation. You will receive a confirmation email that your entry has been received with a summary of your entry.

Contact us with any questions or to report any issues with uploading your contest submission.