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Park Design

The Trinity River can unite and connect our communities for shared benefit. Harold Simmons Park can be the catalyst to spark conversations and bring us together.

To achieve this vision, we must go beyond building a park – we must rebuild a city. We can create new urban connections that overcome the physical barriers of the levees, transportation infrastructure, and under-utilized properties that separate the city from the River. The Park will center a network of investments, programs, and policies that connect us to the River and to one another. By learning from the past, listening to community concerns, and leveraging public input, together we can build a Park that serves everyone and creates a shared vision for community development.

Preliminary Concepts

Harold Simmons Park is being designed with input from the community and the talents of local, regional and national experts. Leveraging the learning from workshops, surveys, and conversations, the Park will be designed to align with the needs of our community. Two committees are assisting with the design process: the Harold Simmons Park Community Engagement and Inclusive Development Committee, serves as advocates for the community’s needs and issues, while the Design Advocacy Committee focuses on meeting those needs with the best practices and technical expertise of design.

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