Our New Website

Welcome to the Trinity Park Conservancy’s (for short, the Conservancy) new website!

Our mission is to champion the transformation of the Trinity River to become the heart of Dallas, a place where we come together to enjoy the outdoors and great activities. And you are a big part this mission as we will need your help to complete this transformation. Whether you enjoy hiking in the Trinity Forest, paddling down the River, or simply having a picnic with family, we want you to enjoy the Trinity River area now and for years to come.

There are a lot of people and organizations involved in the Trinity and our goal with the new website is to bring it all together in one place where you can find activities to do now, fun events being held by our partners, even the weather and river flow. We will share upcoming events across the Trinity area as well as link you to our fellow Trinity organizations’ websites for updated details. We have added an interactive map to help you find trails and attractions to enjoy now. And a projects page so you can stay updated on how you can help us design and build new projects such as Harold Simmons Park.

This page, called the Journal, will bring you the latest on what is happening with the Conservancy, the Trinity River, and some fun facts and educational pieces. We hope to share news and information that can help us all appreciate this amazing ecosystem, our Trinity River, home to birds, fish, and native plants.

We are so excited about the future of Dallas and our Trinity River. We hope you will sign up to receive our emails so you can get our monthly newsletter and get details on how to be involved in Reimagining our River. We look forward to working with you to create a beautiful Trinity River for everyone in Dallas to enjoy!
Brent Brown

Trinity Park Conservancy

President & CEO