Trinity Park Conservancy is a nonprofit dedicated to the stewardship of Dallas’ largest public green space, the 10,000 acres of the Trinity River. Believing that the River is the natural gathering place for all Dallas residents, the Conservancy is committed to bringing people together to share their ideas, learn more about the possibilities and habitat of the area, and to assist in making it a more accessible space. In 2018, the Conservancy was selected to design, construct and maintain the future Harold Simmons Park in a private/public partnership with the City of Dallas and the Trinity River Corridor Local Government Corporation. Trinity Park Conservancy is dedicated to continuing conversations in the community throughout the Park development process.


Championing a Trinity River that forever deepens our connection to one another and nature.


The Trinity Park Conservancy champions the transformation of the Trinity River to become the heart of Dallas. With the community, we will design public spaces that unite us, enrich people’s lives through access to nature, create economic development opportunities, and inspire protection for the river ecosystems in this shared natural treasure.


Fulfilling the promise of the Trinity River as the natural gathering place for Dallas.


We respect your privacy and will not sell or trade users’ or donors’ personal or confidential information to any other parties without express permission.

Our Accountability

Trinity Park Conservancy is committed to accountability and transparency. Our Form 990, our audited financial statements and our whistleblower policy give us the opportunity to share how our careful and effective use of donations funds impactful projects. Data on our nonprofit can be found on Guidestar and Charity Navigator.

2017 Form 9902017 Audited Financial Statement2018 Form 9902018 Audited Financial Statement2019 Audited Financial Statement

Board of Directors

  • Deedie Rose // Board Chair
  • Garrett Boone // Vice-Chair
  • Jack Matthews // Secretary and Treasurer, Finance Chair
  • Robert Witte // Audit Chair
  • Ginger Hardage // Communications Chair
  • Rebecca Fletcher // Development Chair
  • Nicole Acosta
  • Tynesia Boyea-Robinson
  • Laura Bush
  • Joe Crafton
  • Mary Anne Cree
  • Don Glendenning
  • Marguerite Hoffman
  • Darren James
  • Roy Lopez
  • Nancy Cain Marcus
  • Joe May
  • Patsy Woods Martin
  • Bob Meckfessel
  • Jeanne Phillips
  • Carolyn Rathjen
  • Byron Sanders
  • Emily Summers
  • Clyde Valentín

TPC Staff Contacts

Walter Elcock, Interim President and CEO

Sarah Fletcher, CFO

Caroline Law, CAO

Lindsay Abernethy, Development

Marcus Shropshire, Capital Projects

Elissa Izmailyan, Community & Economic Development

Maria May, Communications

Jeamy Molina, Communications & Engagement

Elizabeth Jones, Communications & Marketing

Alexis Puente, Community Engagement

Kathryn Trainor, Volunteerism

Tracy Rollins, Development

John Devine, Design & Policy

Trena Lechleitner, Operations

Affiliate Groups