Margaret Hunt Hill
Bridge Celebration
March 2-4 2012
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The Trinity Trust Foundation

The Trinity project is the most ambitious public works project in the nation, one that is transforming Dallas forever. By improving the 20-mile swath of nature that runs through the heart of the city, citizens will have the opportunity to enjoy nature and recreation within the public realm.
The Trinity Trust Foundation helps the city by raising private funds for this $2.2 billion civic project. Donations from the private sector will add amenities such as the signature Calatrava bridges, lakes, a central island, a white water course, amphitheaters, and ball fields. The foundation also reaches out into the community to educate citizens about the project with presentations, symposia, and events.
The Trinity project is about allowing our human ambition to cojoin with our natural state of life. Justin Kimble, in his 1927 book, Our City Dallas, said that Dallas’ greatest decision will be what to do with the Trinity River.
We are making that decision. Join us and be a part of history.

View Trinity Lakes map provided by Wallace, Roberts, and Todd